We aim to create a community of students passsionate about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM); in order to develop the skills and initiative to become the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Our Team


Our mentors are Miami Beach Senior High School's own Mr. Delgado. Joining him is the FRC Seasoned Veteran, Artem, a current UM student.

Vice President of Operations

Sarah Lazzarini

Hello! I am Sarah Lazzarini, and for the 2020 Robotics Season, I will be working on getting awards, like the Chairman's Award, for our team. I am also in charge of the logistics and organization that goes along with the competition.

Design Officer

Julius Goldberg

Hola from the Design Officer. I'm Julius Goldberg, a 6'4 Korean-American sophomore at Beach High. I'm a dedicated, responsible, and (I'd say) relatively patient guy. Its my second year on the job and it's been loads of work... and fun too. I've created 2D and 3D blueprints for some of the club's competitions (mainly FRC) and side projects. I got to work closely and communicate with the other technical groups, especially during the FRC season.

Outreach Officer / Historian

Sofia Smith

Hey! My name is Sofia Smith. I am the Outreach Officer and Historian. My main job this season has been making content for our online platforms, such as our YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and the website you're reading right now. I'm excited to see where we'll go as a team!


Liam Berko

My name is Liam Berko, I am the club/team treasurer. Although I’m not into the construction and technical parts of the team, I still want to make our team a success; so I am responsible for funding our team, keeping up with sponsors, and making sure our club inventory is organized.


Louis Dryfoos

Hello! I am the current president of Beach High's robotics club - the Miami Beach Bots. My job is to organize and lead the team throughout the FIRST build season, off-season assignments, and community projects. I hope to lead this team on a road to greatness!

Build Officer

David Tamen

Hi, my name is David Tamen and I am the Build Officer, which means I am very hands on in the construction and engineering of the robot, working closely with the Design Officer and Programming/Electrical Officer. I will also be leading our school's VEX robotics team.

Electrical/Programming Officer

Diego Marques

Hey, my name is Diego Marques and I am the Programming and Electrical officer for team 7652- Miami Beach Bots. I nave a background in coding and am interested in teaching it to our programming division. Through the programming and wiring of the robot, I am able to work with the other officers in order to make a functioning robot capable of competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition!

Youth Outreach Officer

Jaden Egan

HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! My name is Jaden Egan, and I am the Youth Outreach Officer for the Miami Beach Bots! My goal for this year is to grab the interests of young minds so they can experience the fun and exciting aspects of FIRST robotics when they get into high school. I also plan to institute the ideas of other robotics competitions, so that these kids can experience their first competition before even getting to high school. I'm thrilled to be this year's Youth Outreach Officer and am very happy to see our team grow.


Lara Gomez

Thanks to our sponsors

Dr. martin Karp